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About Us

Advisors Secure is a global network of security professionals, to include individuals, companies, organizations and agencies.
We began as a diverse group of men and women with international experience in law enforcement, military, cyber, intelligence, and private security–all united against the human trafficking of children for the child-sex trade. We created this company to support those efforts and recently added the world's best safety and security app, Traveler Secure. 


Global Expertise

No one company, organization, or individual has ever been able to create global security expertise...until now.
With extensive in-house expertise and an extensive global network of experts in protection, investigations, cyber and much more, there is little that we can can't accomplish.  We are selective about whom we accept as clients and discreet about their identities once we accept them.


Join Our Network

We offer security experts an opportunity to develop business, actively oppose violence, support the rule of law and stand for justice.
The successful release of Traveler Secure requires that we expand our global network.  If you are an investigator, protector, trainer, or other security expert, and are among the best in what you do, we may have an opportunity for you.